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Brisbane sensation Christos teams up with producer 808Riot for the release of their captivating new single, ‘Fade Away,’ now available on all streaming platforms.

Ever since his groundbreaking masterpiece ‘medicine (for u)’ garnered widespread critical acclaim, Christos has been making waves in the music industry. With each new release, the talented singer-songwriter and captivating performer has continued to captivate audiences with his honest storytelling and evolving melodies.

Now, on the brink of his fourth single of 2023, Christos presents the highly anticipated ‘Fade Away,’ produced by 808Riot. This emotionally charged track features a mesmerizing guitar melody that sets the tone, while Christos delivers heartfelt lyrics and showcases his dynamic vocal range. ‘Fade Away’ delves into the intricate layers of love, heartbreak, and uncertainty. In his own words, Christos shares, “This song allowed me to tap into a well of emotions I’ve carried for a while. It was cathartic to finally express myself. ‘Fade Away’ is a personal account of coping with the loss of someone who once meant everything to me.”

‘Fade Away’ is a raw and timeless composition that is bound to resonate deeply with listeners. Christos’s voice exudes raw emotion, exposing his vulnerability and inviting listeners to connect with his experience. He explains, “I held onto this song for about eight months, originally envisioning it as a perfect album outro. However, one day I decided to send the acapella to 808Riot, who brilliantly reimagined the track. After meticulous refinement, we transformed it into this incredible, progressive, melancholic yet soothing heartbreak anthem. It just felt like the right time to release it, hoping that people out there will hear it and relate. I believe we’ve all encountered the emotions this song captures at some point in our lives.”

A masterful fusion of indie pop and hip hop, ‘Fade Away’ highlights Christos’ unmatched authenticity, musicality, and lyricism. He continues to raise the bar, consistently delivering tracks that exude charisma, receive well-deserved critical acclaim, and showcase his raw talent. ‘Fade Away’ is an exceptional addition to his repertoire and is sure to leave listeners in awe once again.

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