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Elizmi’s most recent single, a whole new genre and sound.
The lyrics are capturing the essence of someone who is affected by lack of loyalty and respect by a partner. The realisation can sometimes be painful, but also freeing and exciting to start a new chapter within ones life. It’s as if the smoke has cleared and we can now see that person in their truest form. Many of the lyrics show a common theme within relationships that can sometimes lead to bigger more unfixable problems for example ‘Why you go pretend you’re above me?’ ‘White lies’ ‘Why am I still holding on?’ ‘We both know it’s gone’, all relatable themes within relationships that I’m sure we’ve all experienced in some form. But although we can see through the smoke in these circumstances, there is sometimes lingering doubt about our conclusions, ‘all of this confusion in my brain’. Here Elizmi is showing that although we often see it for how it is at the end of a chapter, good people always question their actions. Most of the time these situations would leave any genuine person confused about whether they are making the correct decision and/or assumptions.
If we look closely at the lyrics within this catchy, melodic, current track, we can see that Elizmi almost knows that it is a facade that the other person is portraying to keep the victim questioning themselves; ‘The act that you’re playing, all of these lies just cause me pain’. This shows that the victim in fact does see through the smoke and has probably dealt with the lies and deceit for too long to not know the difference. The theme of this song is not only relatable, but very realistic to the standards kept in real relationships. This is what makes this song stand out far beyond the rest, quite often we hear songs that depict lyrics with unrealistic circumstances but ‘That Guy’ has more depth and truth about what many people are probably going though in this current moment. This song with its captivating lyrics, beautiful production and melodies will be sure to spread a very important message
Elizmi said this about her new song –
‘This song means a lot to me, i’ve experienced this myself in the past, and watched those close to me also go through this. It’s so important to spread a message that will validate peoples experiences. Emotional abuse is not okay, we often always focus on physical abuse and it’s important we highlight the emotional side also. Not all bruises are visible’.
It is clear that Elizmi cares about her message and we can expect to see a running theme of more relatable music coming from her in the future.

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