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The World’s Union is a song we created to show everybody the feelings that touched every Ukrainian during the war. The goal is to convey to the audience a range of emotions, to give them the opportunity to feel our strength and sorrow, inspiration and fear … But not the kind of fear that motivates these dirty occupiers to run and flee, rather a fear that motivates and helps us grow and be stronger.

History tells us that Moscow has long been trying to destroy – replace our proud Ukrainian people… But this is the 21st century and February the 24th, Moscovites made their most crucial and their last mistake in their history, they tried to destroy us again, but ended up annihilating themselves… and we would gladly give them and hand and help them in their self-destruction!😊

We like to Thank our UA Armed Forces infinitely. All this time they have been cleverly, ingeniously and courageously fighting to defend our freedom and the freedom of our country with our help.
But Unfortunately, there are many victims that need our help.

Special thanks to Panoramika Production for creating this masterpiece video!

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