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ExclusiveBoy D is an upcoming singer, rapper, songwriter, producer, author, and sports lover. His music is like a fine three-layer dessert. It’s a blend of different elements. You get a taste of Soul, Hip-hop, RnB with a garnish of Blues and Rock. Some of his musical influences are Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Jodeci, Fabolous, and J. Cole just to name a few. ExclusiveBoy D is from a small town, Lumberton, North Carolina. When he faced difficult times as a kid, the poem “ I am somebody” written by Langston Hughes kept him motivated.

In 2023 ExclusiveBoy D will release his first studio project titled “No Better Time Than Now.” On his Independent label Red Jones Entertainment. “No Better Time Than Now” will be a hip hop record said ExclusiveBoy D. Throughout this project he talked about how as a young man he had to navigate through difficult times. He had to encourage himself to find the right path. “No Better Time Than Now” was created to motivate himself as well as other people. In addition, it encourages people to develop a plan of their own and execute that plan. Exclusive Boy D also noted that in order to stay focused on his journey, he had to zone out all distractions. Look out for more ExclusiveBoy D in the future. Thank you in advance.


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