There’s something that always draws me into acts that are made up of family members or couples. TWOFEW, a piano rock band from Arizona, happens to contain both. Founded by Michael Lazar and his wife Danielle, TWOFEW began with a 3 song EP and then took on Michael’s brother David on guitar and added in Erik Fernandez on rhythm guitar to complete the band. Together, they’ve been working to create a sound that is unique and refreshing to their listeners. Their latest single, “On The Run” showcases their most well-rounded sound to date.

“On The Run” is an emotional number, letting Michael pour his heart into his art. Michael lives with lupus and sadly recently a close friend passed from the same disease at the age of 40. With a heavy heart Michael sat down and wrote down his feelings on facing these overwhelming conditions that are out of his control. But instead of letting negativity wash over him, “On The Run” leaves you feeling like you can tackle adversity. There’s a solidarity that can be found within this single, and that is part of what makes it so special.

Watch the video for “On The Run” below

Not only does Michael pour everything he has into the story behind the song, but his emotion translates in his vocals. Flipping into his falsetto beautifully periodically adds such a delicateness to this rock track. The piano perfectly matches the tone of Michael’s vocals, pulling the song together completely. Guitars come in later in the song and bring home the rock element that TWOFEW have become known for.

Everything about “On The Run” feels inspired. There’s such comfort in the vulnerability and relatability throughout this track. Certainly, listeners will gravitate to the emotion presented. If TWOFEW continue to create such passionate music, they’ll be successful in their career. Don’t miss out on what they pour themselves into next.

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