I’m G Mace (CEO of SOULJA HOUSE MUZIC LLC). apart of BFMG also CO Founder of GBC MUZIK, with my brother SoufSyde along with new Artists to the label Space Gang Kelli, & Slugga . We have mixtapes on SoundCloud check them out also share with your friends, have videos on ReverbNation as well. For Feats and performing, contact: 510-688-3827 G Mace my LINKS to mixtapes n websites below feel free. We are THE REAL GBC G MACE & SOUFSYDE the REAL , the others is COPY CATS.

Where are you based?
Currently in California the Bay Area

How long have you been making music?
Lil over 20 years as an artist, 4 years as a CEO of Soulja House Muzic Worldwide LLC .

What genre would you consider your music to be?
conscious music / hip hop/ & Soulful

What inspired you to pursue a career in music?
My family and friends

What are your biggest musical influences?
talent shows and out of town showcases.

Are you signed to a label or are you an independent artist?
Own my own label, (Soulja House Muzic Worldwide LLC)

What have been the biggest challenges in your music career?
Being from Louisiana is a low market for Artists like me. Talking about North Louisiana.

How many songs or albums have you released to date?
12 in all

Can you tell us a few things about your latest release?
Latest Release was Mob Stories final chapter, Soufsyde my brother and I as GBC. which is a EP, to show our versatility

Any plans for new music or upcoming projects we should know about?
Even if I’m Wrong by my brother Soufsyde of GBC. And GBC mixtape Epedemik


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