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joeymvne releases his third single of the year entitled ‘Call of Duty’.

Call of Duty is another timeless single joeymvne has blessed the airwaves, online and the public with. Call of Duty Is what would be considered by many as classic joeymvne, where he raps very effortlessly with a very tight/skippy flow and conducts a lyricism master class exemplified by the wordplay that may go past some people’s heads during the first listen. The song being a hip hop song is something that joeymvne is known for by his listeners. joeymvne again mixes old school elements such as the distorted voice and a style which is known for in songs from eras before whilst keeping it very current and fresh by the subject matter of the song.

The inspirations for the song were daily life. joeymvne is essentially speaking about what he regularly deals with on a daily basis and how he is ready to be called into duty.Call of Duty is in reference to the popular game. The instance of a Call of Duty that joeymvne discusses is sticking to his daily aspirations and goals. This is done in a way where he makes references to themes of the game to metaphorically describe aspects of his day to day life. joeymvne produced the instrumental, was the sole engineer and the main vocalist for the single.

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