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KNG JMZ, an artist that was bred from hip hop, and the dynamic culture the genre represents, is a lyrically fresh and true to self individual who prides himself on quality over quantity. Born and raised in the central core area of Winnipeg, Manitoba, KNG JMZ is not at all a stranger to the struggles of life, or the joys of perseverance. With that being said KNG JMZ ensures that the emotional content within his music is heartfelt, and meaningful, no matter what the situation calls for. Over the years KNG JMZ has had the privilege to take in a variety of knowledge from various segments of the industry, such as Talent Buying for a small firm, Radio hosting for a local hip hop station, and writing articles for a national hip hop publication. All of which have added to his unique flavor and diverse repertoire. By combining his overall skill-sets and life experience, KNG JMZ is able to come correct with powerful production and thought inducing lyricism, KNG JMZ is certainly an artist to keep on your radar.

“Thankful” by KNG JMZ featuring Qway-C and produced by LJ On The Track, is a song dedicated to the tireless efforts and sacrifices we all adhere to daily, all in the hopes of acquiring our goals, our dreams, our ambitions, and our happiness. It is a reminder for us to remain thankful, to the process, and to the journey that has led us to where we are today. “Thankful” is meant to motivate and inspire with a hard hitting underground flow and energetic ambience with production tailored to keep your head bumping.

Be sure to checkout KNG JMZ on your streaming platform of choice, including Tidal, Apple Music, YouTube, Spotify, and more. Stay tuned in as more new music will be dropping soon.

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