Interview with Chris Donohoe

Interview with Chris Donohoe

Chris is a San Francisco based singer/songwriter/recording artist who has been traveling to Nashville for 20 years. He is committed to producing as much meaning music about the experience of being human as possible before I’m gone. I write about joy, pain, loss,...

Cold Heaven – Channels

Cold Heaven – Channels Song info/credits Directed by Steve Leach and Dan Miccio. Song purchase link FOLLOW ON: FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE 

Nanoverse, Vinnythabone – Devil’s Night

Nanoverse, Vinnythabone – Devil’s Night Release Info/credits Vinnythabone and Nanoverse collaborated on the new single “Devil’s Night” The song is a tribute to the 1994 cult classic film  “The Crow”. The song has a dark, groovy, gothy, synthwave feel to it with...

Interview with Char Campbell

Interview with Char Campbell

Char Campbell was raised in Pensacola, Florida, growing up in a home filled with love AND lots and lots of music. She cultivated a deep love for soul, R&B and other genres, listening to artists such as Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, the DeBarges, Prince and...

Fiyahott Flame – Sensi

Fiyahott Flame – Sensi Release Info/credits 06/26/2021 Song/album purchase link FOLLOW ON: FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE 

B.Troy – Optimum


Jeff Paladino – Just like Jesse James

Jeff Paladino – Just like Jesse James Release Info/credits Playmaker Records Georgette Jones- background vocals Jamie Lennon- Steel Joseph Shackelford- Fiddle Bart Sigler- Lead JoDell - Mixing Mastering...

Deseray Thomas – Breathe

Deseray Thomas – Breathe Song info/credits Breathe is a song that ministers to the heart to long for the breath of God and needing him in every moment of our lives. This song was inspired by the scriptures Job 34:14-16 that reminds us of what will happen if the...

Mervin Mayo – Bow Down

Mervin Mayo – Bow Down Song info/credits So, I wrote this song for a CD I was working on. I was waiting for my copy write papers to return, minus Patti Labelle part. But I believe that the world needs to hear a Word RIGHT NOW. Tomorrow isn't promised. If God...

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