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Don’t back down is about the pandemic and 2020, in general. How last year has kind of messed up our lives but at the same time, it gives you the strength to keep going or don’t back down. I wrote Don’t back down in December on a late-night while I found myself thinking about how 2020 has been for everyone, how I can share my feelings with my music and how I can create something different, unique and original. I had another song scheduled to be released in Feb ( which will be released later this year) but I didn’t feel like it was the right one, don’t back down just kind of wrote itself in half an hour. The ethos behind Don’t back down is that it doesn’t matter how hard, difficult, dark and shit life can be you should never give up and let your fears or insecurities push you down. Events out of our control happen in life, and there’s nothing much that we can do to control but what we can do is to control our attitude towards and them and keep up the fighting spirits within ourselves.
I am a big fan of the mix and match idea, so that’s what I like to do with my music. I like to experiment and try different things. I could be considered as an outsider in every aspect of my life, and after struggling with insecurities for so many years I am extremely proud of it and I want to empower people too.


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