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“Close to Monday” Release New Track “Split”
with Bizarre Psychedelic Music Video!

Emerging European band “Close To Monday” represents their new single SPLIT for the first time since the release
of their brand new album “Interference” in the spring of 2021.
This album almost immediately entered the TOP10 of the German Alternative Charts and was there for 8 weeks in
a row. Over the past four months, the band has released three remixes with significant representatives of
electronic music scene: Ron Flatter, Dirty Doering and Biicla.
Simultaneously with the Split track, the band releases their new music video, which is filled with psychedelic
allegories that emphasize the heavy sound of synthesizers.
A heart-rending melody, expressive lyrics and a drowning sound reinforce each other, creating a new masterpiece
of the alternative electronic scene.
“Everyone will feel this song in their own way. someone will find it very strange. someone will see in it a reflection
of the crazy running of the modern world. and someone will be able to turn to himself, see something important
and become a little happier!” – Close To Monday

“Split”, the track and music video, is now available on all streaming platforms via .

ABOUT CLOSE TO MONDAY – Formed in 2019, burgeoning Synthpop collective “Close To Monday” champions a
nouveau strain of indie-laced Electronica for the contemporary audience. Launched by founding member Alex,
who released two instrumentally-heavy solo long players — “Perfect Music To Watch Color Dreams” (2019) and
“Satisfaction” (2020) — the project channelled his desire to achieve sound perfection through the immersive
sensibilities of experimental Electronica.
In 2020, the one-man-band evolved into a duo, welcoming the inclusion of vocalist Any and debuting their union
with ‘Interference’ in April of this year. The LP proved to be a raw and rebellious offering, receiving staunch support
from industry peers and audiences alike, and subsequently holding a second place position in the Deutsche
Alternative Charts (being in the TOP 10 for eight consecutive weeks); standing as the only representative of
independent music across the full chart.
Another of the album’s shining successes was track ‘Step By Step’ which made it to #1 in both the LRDR Radio
(France) and Klangwald Radio (Germany) charts.


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