Brandon is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and producer. Originally from Los Angeles and now based out of Austin, TX. Brandon was mentored by the legendary punk guitar legend, Johnny Ramone. Brandon is also the creator & CEO of B. The Product Hair Care. B. The Product can be found on Amazon worldwide and Brandon authored the highly popular memoir, “Sex, Hair & Billionaires,” available at Amazon, Itunes, and Barnes & Noble.

Where are you based?

How long have you been making music?
As long as I can remember

What genre would you consider your music to be?
Pop, Alternative, Rock, Country & Hip Hop

What inspired you to pursue a career in music?

What are your biggest musical influences?
The Ramones, Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden, EPMD, Amy Whinehouse

Are you signed to a label or are you an independent artist?

What have been the biggest challenges in your music career?
No challenges

How many songs or albums have you released to date?
Seven songs

Can you tell us a few things about your latest release?
Go Big Or Go Home is about giving relationships 100%, or nothing at all. The in-between is no good when it comes to love.

Any plans for new music or upcoming projects we should know about?
I am releasing my next single, “But It’s All Good,” in the few days.


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