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Music Collective, STEP1, to Release AA-side Single on Friday, June 4, 2021

“Pyrite / Glide” Is Their First-Ever Instrumental Release

Arlington, Virginia (May 24, 2021) On the heels of their debut album, Time Laps, STEP1 kicks off the summer with two instrumental Electro-Pop anthems — “Pyrite / Glide.” Channeling core influences like Daft Punk, Flying Lotus, Flume, and The Neptunes, they blend their signature feel-good nostalgia with huge futuristic grooves and funky breaks to launch into an interplanetary realm all its own.

“Pyrite” chisels and weaves through the glinty synth tunnels and fat drum caves of an underground moonrock club to set the tone. Then “Glide” lifts off into space with an air of hopeful possibility and fleeting familiarity, striking an off-kilter balance between daydream and intention.

This single is the first (but not the last) instrumental release from STEP1, as they continue to broaden their catalog of genre-bending music. They have worked together since 2011 despite living apart in several different locations across the United States and around the world over the years. While their goal is always to move listeners, they aim to subvert industry standards, push musical boundaries, and challenge people to find purpose in the music they choose and the artists they support.

“Pyrite / Glide” is available to pre-save and preorder now and will be released to all streaming platforms on Friday, June 4, 2021.

STEP1 is to be yourself. Step 2 is STEP1.

Creative Credits:

Record Label: STEP1

Composer: Will Angle, Michael Srisuwan

Sound Designer: Will Angle, Michael Srisuwan

Final Mix Engineer: Michael Srisuwan

Additional Recording: Will Angle, Michael Srisuwan

Producers: Will Angle, Michael Srisuwan

Album Artwork: Jordan Albro

Song/album purchase link–glide-2


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