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“The Brute :” merges progressive electro, pop, rock and cinematic industrial sounds with catchy melodies and captivating vocals to a fascinating sound amalgam. Its hypnotic effect inevitably casts a spell over you.

The song “Driving To You” by “The Brute :” is a four-minute road trip. You just want to turn up the radio and enjoy the road. Energetically carried by a catchy guitar riff, which clearly places the title as a mixture between classic rock and electro pop, the track comes up with a driving synth groove and a hook line that everyone just wants to sing along to. The song itself is about the search for oneself. The text is ambiguous in its interpretation: Who is the driving force? A woman, a higher power or …?
The accompanying video shows excerpts from the music film “Momentum To Die”. Consequently, “Driving To You” forms one of the main musical themes of the soundtrack, which takes up melodies and sounds from the debut album “Brute : One”. Everything is re-arranged in a mix of cinematic orchestra, dark, sometimes gloomy electronic and industrial sounds for a 20-minute audio journey back to the heyday of spy movies.

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